Thursday, 9 April 2009

People just do not understand

My daughter was born a male, but right from the word go I had a feeling she was in the wrong body and I didnt know enough about transition then to help her. Many years my daughter suffered, feeling she could not talk to people about it. So one day i sat her down, and asked her what we are going to do about it. I tried to get her help, but she was too scared. I was a bit mean to her, because i was fed up with her being upset. I said to her "we will have to do something to help you along". So I tried to get her to a psychiatrist to help her, but she didnt feel she could talk to him.

Many years went past i kept trying for her, and she managed to talk to a transwoman on a chat site. Between the two of us things have changed, but there was so much bias out there it is hard sometimes. People need to realise that it is not a choice for a transsexual to transition (This includes doctors and professionals). They do not live with the person, they do not know the person how can they judge. I know this person and this person is a female, and I want people to realise this.

I would like my daughter to be happy in the gender that she is, and I will stand by her through thick and thin. I want all parents who are going through this to stand up for their children. We need more support, because this is not the childs fault.


  1. Just wish all parents of Trans Children would take such a positive and supportive stand.

    Best wishes for great support for you both.

    Have you contacted Mermaids? an organization for Trans Children and their parents.

    Jenny-Anne Bishop
    TransForum Manchester

  2. I can only echo what Jenny Anne says... your daughter is so fortunate to have such a loving mother as you :)

    Best Wishes to both of you for the future.

    Denise Anderson
    Spectrum London

  3. It;s not your daughter's fault. Not yours either, it just happens sometimes, like having a club foot or extra finger. You end up with a masculinised brain in a feminised body, or the reverse.

    There are many tens of thousands of women in your daughter's situation. There are resources now, as previous commenters have stated.

    There are also many of us who have been through it, who are working at trying to make the world a better place for children like your daughter. So when they grow up, they won't be faced with the difficulties we've had.

    The one key factor, the most important issue that outweighs all others though, is parental support. With that, all things are possible. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing for your child.

    Hugs, and thanks,
    Zoe E Brain
    Sex and Gender Education Australia

  4. That's quite a first post! I will say, your daughter is lucky to have you!